Residential Landscape and Design

About our Landscape Architect, Tom Bradley. 

Tom joined Turner’s in 1993 to add a creative element to our design/build projects. 

A graduate of Penn State Landscape Architecture in 1980, Tom has extensive experience in residential landscape design.

Tom’s ability to “see” what doesn’t exist and communicate those ideas to the client is a tremendous help in having homeowners realize the full potential of their property. He is on site and ready to work with you!

What is a landscape plan?

Plan for backyard pictured to the right. The deck was removed to create space for a beautiful patio with walkway, stone steps, and landscape.

A landscape plan is like a map. It can be simple or very intricate, and includes the following components:  lawn areas, shrub planting areas, water features such as pools and fountains, and more. A detailed sketch helps a project run smoothly and efficiently, especially with our expert designer overseeing it. In addition, a scaled sketch minimizes expenses. A detailed plant list is often accompanied, so that the homeowner can look up plants online to see what they look like and review their characteristics. 

Contact Tom Bradley for quotes, ideas, and to discuss your plans: 

or call (734) 663-7600 ext. 106

See our portfolio page for a gallery of completed projects.