BEAUTY in SANDSTONE: Plantings, Walls, Pavers


NAME Broich Residence
LOCATION Stonebridge Sub. – Ann Arbor, MI
JOB Plantings, Sandstone Walls, Plants

About the Project

The Owner was looking for something special and powerful to set his home apart.

A standard concrete walk brought guests to the front door. The concrete walk was removed but we salvaged many of the plants. We were also able to salvage existing sandstone blocks and reused them to edge the front beds to emphasize the curves and layers of plantings. Along the new walk, cut “Briarhill” sandstone created a dynamic look and emphasized the rectilinear design.Black lava rock mulch added contrast and reduced maintenance.

Sandstone, once commonly used in houses fifty years ago, made a welcome comeback in this stately Stonebridge home.

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