Upcoming Events

Harry Potter’s Birthday Paint-a-Pot

Wednesday, July 31st from 9a-6p – Drop-In Event

In honor of Harry Potter’s birthday, come take part in our “Herbology” themed plant bar + paint-a-pot. We will have indoor or outdoor plants for you to choose from (such as succulents, herbs, annuals, or small houseplants) and paint supplies to decorate a 4″ terra cotta pot. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with the decorating!

This kid-friendly event will be going on all day (or until we run out of supplies) and is a drop-in event. Cost is $10, which will include one plant, a 4″ terra cotta pot and saucer, dirt, and painting supplies.

If you want to bring your own plant to pot up in our 4″ pot, and just want to decorate the pot, feel free to do so! We will just ask that you pay for the pot, dirt, and paint (about $5).

We hope that you’ll join us to celebrate this magical day, plant-style!